Lekesha Wilson
 [email protected]
October updates



During the month of October we had some exciting events at M.E. Lewis Elementary School.  We begin with celebrating Anti-Bullying Awareness with our students, faculty and staff wearing orange on October 9 for Unity day.  Then we celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing pink for the cause on October 10.  Finally we celebrated Red Ribbon Week October 27-31 by wearing various outfits during the week such as red shirts, hats, team jerseys and shades to show that we’re pledging to be drug, alcohol and tobacco free.  We also educated our students on the importance of these events why we celebrate them and how it affects us all as a community. The participation from our students, parents, faculty and staff was phenomenal and I know that these are memories we will remember for a long time.



Hello Everyone,
As you are embarking on this new year just know that I am embarking on this journey with you as this is my first school year as your counselor. As students you may feel pressured or stressed to do your very best in your classes, but always remember the two factors in the 7 Habits, “Be Proactive” and “Begin with the end in mind.” What I mean is to always be responsible for you and your actions. For example if you want to make the honor roll you make it happen by studying more or asking for help. No one can complete these goals but you, but just know that you will receive help from your teachers, parents and counselor. I wish you all well and many successes in
your life.

Sincerely, Ms. L. Wilson